I’ll Be A Baker?

Wow, it’s really happening! I can’t believe I am FINALLY working on my blog, my business, and my dream! The past year has been full of incredible changes and opportunities and I am so ready for them. I guess what really kicked this all into motion was the birth of my son Zachary and our decision to leave Toronto and make the move back home. So we bought a house and are currently in the process of packing up our lives into many, many… many boxes (I have way too many decorative plates). With our decision to move came my own decision of what the heck I was going to do with my life living back home. My husband and I have been talking about exploring my passion for baking and expanding it into a business for years and this idea has just been burning a hole in my brain for many months now. So here we go! It’s time to get the ball rolling, I’ll be a baker? Yes, I’ll be a baker! What a change, but I have never been more excited about any other venture in my entire life.

My husband is a web developer and luckily that means I have some amazing help building my website… but it also means I have to take his advice and he suggested I start a blog. Which, after I thought about it, didn’t seem like such a bad idea as I spend most of my days rambling to a 4 month old and singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider on repeat so getting some of my thoughts out to anyone else is probably a good idea. So here I type, drinking my 3rd cup of half cold coffee of the morning while my baby waves a colourful fish rattle back and forth. This is the life of any momma and I thought it would be a good idea to top it off with a baking venture. So stay tuned for antics of my life as a baker-mama, updates, projects I am working on, recipes, and baking trends!



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