Friday Favourites!

I’ve decided that on Fridays I am going to share some of my favourite things of the week. Usually this will be must have baking essentials, cute baking ideas I have come across. But it may also just include awesome things that are inspiring me! So here are this weeks picks:

1. Okay, so because it is Easter this weekend I had to put my ultimate favourite Easter candy, and actually it is a favourite all year round! Mini Eggs! Who doesn’t love them? This weekend is just an excuse to eat more. You wouldn’t want to offend the Easter Bunny! And I may have a mini eggs cake in the works (and oven) right now!

2. Springform Pans – specifically my new 10″ pink ones. These are great for baking cakes (no more smashing the tin upside down to get the cake out!), cheesecakes, quiches, and tarts. I made the switch to using them for all cakes and it has been wonderful!

2. Stand Mixer – I had to add this into my first Friday Favourites. Again, mine is pink… but they come in so many wonderful colours. But beside that they make baking and cooking just that much easier. Whipping up a batch or meringue, whipped cream or kneading dough is a easy as pie. Now I have to get my arm workout elsewhere…

3. Kate Spade Earrings – I have been eyeing these beauties for years and finally splurged on a little self-care treat on a shopping trip with baby boy. I just wanted to put them in here because I am obsessed with them… and Kate Spade.

Happy Friday!

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