Nadege and the Doctors

The other day Baby Boy had to go in for his four month check-up and second round of vaccinations. I’m happy to report he handled it like a CHAMP! Shedding close to no tears and smiling minutes after. He is much better then his mom as I still hyperventilate when I see a needle and need days to mentally prepare for one. But the best part about going downtown to the doctors is hitting up the most delicious patisserie and macaron haven – Nadege on Queen St. West. I LOVE THIS PLACE! So with this being probably the last trip to our Toronto doctor, and therefore Nadege, I splurged on an expensive brunch for one. Nadege, now with multiple locations throughout Toronto, has such a variety of tasty treats ranging from croissants, macarons, and classic patisserie features and it is always so hard to choose. Today I went with a smoked salmon and dill sandwich on a fresh croissant, a much needed Americano (fourth coffee of the day – it’s like I’m a Gilmore Girl), and rose and champagne macarons. You cannot go to Nadege without getting a macaron, its sacrilege. Baby Boy liked it too – although I think he just liked the bright colours of pink and orange splashed throughout the otherwise minimalist decor. Places like this, and the variety of cafe’s and restaurants will be what I miss the most. Until next time Nadege, which I am sad to say may be a while!

PS – there is a full Nadege at Yorkdale now for all of you out-of-town shoppers. So check it out you won’t be disappointed!

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