About Pink Petal

Hi! My name is Jessica Radecki and I live with my husband and baby boy in Midland, Ontario. And as you can probably tell already – I bake! I’ve been baking since I was a little girl when I once baked brownies with salt instead of sugar. Throughout university I would bake to relieve stress making banana bread practically every other day. Eventually falling in love with the process of combining sugar and eggs to make something delicious – and beautiful! I was soon looking for any excuse to create a cake or cupcakes for friends and family. Any and all occasions¬†became a platform for a creative dessert! Everyone got a “Jessica Cake”. Now I have (finally) decided to turn my passion for baking and decorating into a business and bring beautiful and delicious cakes to you! Which is somewhat scary but also the most exciting thing I have ever done. So here I am – mechanical engineer turned baker-mama-cake-decorating-entrepreneur! So now, let them (you) eat cake!